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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Woman and Women

The refreshing feel of identifying with music in my life,
The mother’s voice still echoes so sweet in all life’s strife’s.
She taught me to walk, run, dance and sing,
My mother still stands strong in love and vigor in my life.

Kindergarten, the start of knowledge life,
Where Mini, Lakshmy, Susan, Shoba and Meera,
Still shines as persons in my day- to-day life,
Keeping still close and blooming together.

School days, are times that stay vivid in mind,
Friends that evoked passions  of love still impress,
Susan Bindu, Jaya, Brinda, and Manju remained firm,
Even when life made new meanings those connections endured.

College saw a mixed platter, though women stayed in unit
More in day- to-day life in Bindu, Geeta, Asha and Vinith,
Patterns of Lost love, admirations, hero worship and list is long,
However, for me it was a distressing heart.


Sapna Anu B.George said...

Another expression of pain written with verses

Anonymous said...

Ur mother would have def. felt proud to have to as her daughter...love u and ur mom in this pic...

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Very true, but she didn't have enough time left to be with me, which has left me struggling for breath.

Ushar said...

Definitely your mom would have felt proud have you as her daughter...!!!!
I am sure I proud to have you as friend though our interactions are short 'N' sweet. All the best sapna..

Nirakkaazhcha said...

hai dear,
its not easy to express word when you think about your mother in heaven. mother is sent by god to safeguard a daughter.the pain and agony with out a mother is very painful.i think your mother is happy to see all your talents, and again. the sweet memmories of mother makes our life more worth in earth/ with love devisuresh

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Ushar................Thanks lot dear for the visit and the comments.Nirakkaazhcha...........the absence makes it difficult to go ahead . thanks for the lovely comment

Salam said...

remembering mom n friends, written very well. memories never die. it keeps us going. it should be so, else we cease to exist.

off the topic: the back ground color and text color together seems uncomfortable for my eyes. is it so? if it is, consider changing one.

Shoumi Aslam said...

very nice .. its really touching

James Sunny said...