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Monday, January 24, 2011


The Photo blogs to  Limo Poet   

originally uploaded by Limbo Poet.

 Who was ever ready to share this photo with me to  use for my blog, he meant what he has written there as caption,"Friends",Thanks Poet

Friendship, a word to many, from a dictionary,
Meaning moves beyond breath of life,
Gives life to many and essence to thousands,
Never complains,but always happy to share,
From life, to family to anything, you name it,
Always ready,with solutions day and night,
You name it Friendship has it all.
Friends they are for ever,eternal bliss. 


Salam said...

When i check out the profile of this blogger, I see a multitude of existing blogs in her name. And i see brilliant, sparkling streams of noble lines of thoughts scattered throughout them. But then i see most of them aren't posted recently. I look for a more recent post and here i am. i wonder if this blogger were to focus on just one blog and try to enrich it with her dynamic ideas.

the poem here about friendship is a very nice one and could be an excellent opening in this direction.

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Salam, now that you flipped through the multitude of my blogs you can cut the name blogger and address me Sapna. At times, the sparks are so wide , you need to segregate them for the sake of reader and my own self discipline too.Appreciate your good words and please visit more often.


There is not more precious gift than the friendship of a dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sapna..

Rain or Shine
Pain or Joy
They are always there for u,
Thanks for being a good Friend.


വയനാടന്‍ said...


your recent blog inspired me to write
You are right dear friend..
"Friends they are for ever,eternal bliss..."
Thank you for making my mind little soft and wet..
I understand that friends will never complaint and will share every thing
Good words sapna pls keep writing

राकेश कौशिक said...

दोस्ती का सही और सच्चा अर्थ तो यही है

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Naval.........as usual you give me the best of comments. Vidya...............lovely words and thanks for being there always. വയനാടന്‍ ...........Thanks satheesh for such wonderful words of praise to a true friend.राकेश कौशिक ........Thanks Ji

Prem Nizar Hameed said...


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