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Thursday, November 25, 2010


People that are friends, enemies and foe,
Some gives you genuine warmth,
Some breaks the hearts to chunk of glass
Never to fixed back to its unique motif,
Some befits as the hearts that never hurts.

Places that are unknown familiar and forgotten,
Takes to heart’s content, makes you feel at home,
Welcome dearly, clearly for life’s troubles,
Consoles, comforts and cheers from afar.

Countries that are picturesque, dry land of sands
Sands that sweeps through your feet, unfamiliar,
Yet your familiarize yourself for the daily chores,
At times engulf thy life for good and bad.

Life takes you to people places and counties,
But never lets you neglect your roots,
A picture and a song cart your way back
Where you left behind the sense of fusion
Momentary, but takes you all the way home.


Sapna Anu B.George said...

At times, poetry or a line of thought comes from unfamiliar places,pictures or songs...... this was one of my instant nostalgia spring out of this picture.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture-that evoked more nostalgia than the words.
enemy and foe-does not that mean the same?
some give you, not gives?
some break the hearts, not breaks?
anway, as you said it was a spontaneous effort and it was not bad.

MiniBinoy said...

sapnaa,,, beautiful poem..quite nostalgic

Dunia berkarya said...

indeed very beautiful longing to be felt

V P Gangadharan, Sydney said...

Dear Sapna, I really enjoyed reading your poem. There is a lot to be read between the lines. I earnestly assess any literary work by discerning the content first, so that I may be able to fathom the writer's conception. Then only, I suppose, I may be in a position to percieve what is there on offer to me, the reader. My former comment on this piece of work is indeed based on my perception. Please don't get dispirited with some harsh, perhaps lurid, comments that come to your way from some faceless and gutless person of grandiosity...
Having said this, to an extent, I do agree that before posting, the authors are morally obliged to correct at least the glaring mistakes of the work. However, the task of lingo-refinement to its perfection is beyond anyone.

Hi, Anonymous, please at least for the sake of dignity, peel off your timorous mask and be a constructive critic. Please, don't be rude! I would also suggest you to look again at Sapna's Blog- introductory notes.

Satheesh Sahadevan said...

felt the gravity of roots....
who is waitng for us???
often i suspect who is missing us....?
still nostalgia is pain of ecstasy....good work..