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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Heart, An everlasting Song

A song that lasts, words so profound
feelings so sublime, beats with life,
a heart, has four walls, which beats.
Some call it life, some call it mind.

Strange that it sounds, the moles similar
the beats similar, thoughts meet, random,
the heats meet with love , one free as a bird
another chained with emotions of life.

Response came with fire, anger in words
fear in thoughtless unfair mind, superficial
yet so true, with black realms of fear.
Strong it grew as clouds of rainthunder
and lightning, shaken as leaf.

Soothing words came, pacifying songs sung
fear was loosing grip, ice melted with sunshine
words of comfort promised for life, till death
new life that demanded a heart with out a 'tear'.

Life will go out of my heart; one day ahead
will wait among the clouds for thy foot steps
Promises, promises, promise strong as stone
will I be able to heave it all for me! Only me?
Some call it selfish, I call it crazy heart.

Yet no ice melted, yet thy heart demanded.
I don’t open up my heart for thy silly words,
don’t ask me why and reasons useless.
Hearts need inspiration with words of love
my heart need it, an old heart that beats,
older than yours, older than many.

Yet no answers came, no beats skipped
am I talking to a wall? I wondereda living wall,
which might inspire many
Am I contended with my own echo?
Which bounce back from the wall?

My unfair heart force feed your tongue,
with words of love which come from heart
Hearts takes the denial, once may be twice,
words may come and go, hearts still waits.

For that song of love, searching strange faces
stranger than strangers, yet so full of love,
a love that love with all thy heart with Trust.


Jac said...

You have narrated the emotions like warm breeze.
You should be writing English often.

Very well done !

Seema said...

Inspite of everything...there's a heart that still waits...that's profound and the beauty of unconditional love!

Well woven words of that tender feeling...

priya said...

So profound and true. Hearts wait for answers let it be love, friendship or even strangers sin't it.

Loved it.

Serena said...

I never want to see this kind of insecurity in your words. I refuse to acknowledge what you have written. Words are well linked. Other than that I dont like it. I read this today, after the talk we had this morning.
You got 2 weeks. I would love to see your words again when am back from my vacation.
Love ya. Keep strong. You are better than most. Realise it. Feel it. Believe it !

Geets said...

Beautiful poem....keep writing. Btw, why aren't you updating your Dreamz blog?
Thanks for dropping by

പൊറാടത്ത് said...

വളരെ നന്നാ‍യിരിയ്ക്കുന്നു..


Mahi said...

wonderful! totally loved it

Rani said...

Very nice Soppu....enjoyed that!

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Jac....you added comment in 2008, thats great,Seema.........thanks a lot for the lovely words,Priya..........thanks, herats will always wait for answers, Sereena...........words and hearts will never change,situations and setting changes,Geet....great to see you in my blog,will update soon,പൊറാടത്ത് thanks a lot for your visit,Mahi...great
to see you reading my english poems, Ranimol.......thanks for the visit