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Friday, July 1, 2011

Imperative Caress

Unexpected and unplanned words spoken,

By a friend, yet she has always been there.

Much as I expected her to sympathies,
The action went a step ahead unpredicted.

Conversations leads to one another,
And crucial as it turned out to be,
The directions very clear and definite,
Purpose of a clear cut meaningful heart .

Unforeseen realms of pain washed away,
With the proper guidelines and approach,
The lucid direction were given,
Elected, taken with much hope and life.

The very confidence that’s been given,
True purpose of  life  laid in a platter,
The unknown fears washed away in jiffy
The mindset reinstated unpredicted.

Whom do I thank for unforeseen turn of life?
None but a friend, everlasting and faithful,
She handed out the gift of life to me,
Unrewarded, total meaning reinstated.

How I would I react is unpredicted!
Yet, gratitude engulfed the heart relentlessly,
Words was not enough to express significance,
Bowed myself to her feet a thousand times.


Sapna Anu B.George said...

Gita Bakshai, my college mate and been in and out of my life from 1982.....always been a good listener all my bike-rings and silent partner to my hearts wanderings.At times,the silence and patience can lead to such strength of hearts and confidence.Here on 29th June 2011,Gita gave me the most rightful direction in life.I no longer consider myself to be a failure.Thanks to you Gita,i am indebted to you for life.

Tom Mangatt said...

Sapna, who told you that you're a failure! Never think so.

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Tom,a temporary phase and outbursts.......thanks for the kind words

MiniBinoy said...

nice poem Sapna!

രമേശ്‌ അരൂര്‍ said...

Gita was my co-worker in journalism when I was in Cochin . She did Business journalism for Mangalam Daily .Then she Joined Amruta TV.
I couldnt read this poem which Sapna has given in the blog coz of the dark design and dull background..:(

Shoumi Aslam said...

Nice Poem!!!!............

I am your new follower ... Just spare few minutes to visit my blog and say a hai ... .


George Cheruvathoor said...

Swapna, I was surprised to know that you've included the word "failure" in your lexicon. I had always considered you as a person who is always in charge and I dont want to change it. As a person with so much creativity it just doesnt jell. Rebound back with full vigor.
The poem was great.